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"Beautiful person….?"

"You sure that’s us that you’re talking about?"

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Primordial preparations||| Rp with thecursedsnowhunter - Zero


The protector side of Zero didn’t surprise in any way the pure-blood, since she knew well her father. He was protective concerning everything and that was a trace of him that Akane loved a lot, because she always felt safe with her ​​father around. “I know that with Chichi around nobody will dare to touch me, in the mother or my brother.” She affirmed smiling softly.


"I see, so it was equally charming. I wonder if Okaasan didn’t actually confuse the two. Since you guys were the same " Akane said chuckling. It was funny imagine the scene in her mind. But surely Yuuki knew exactly which of the two was Zero. After all her father was unmistakable, by his peculiar temperament, unique and inimitable. The vampire reddened slightly at feel the gentle kiss on her forehead, followed by a pet on her hair. Zero could be incredibly sweet, that was another thing she loved, the way how he demonstrated the sentiments for her. “Over time we learn new things, we change our behaviors in order to be better people. I think that was something that mother taught you, my brother and I just came complement your life and sedimentary such your change of attitude. I’m sure Okaasan are happy by you’ve slightly changed your way of being. At least when she was with you, her happiness is bright.”

The idea of ​​going with the seatbelt didn’t please nothing the vampire, however, she knew perfectly well that it was for their own safety. Zero would never consent she go without her seatbelt. "Hai I think you’re right, I don’t want see mother angry, when Okaasan gets angry seems that her personality changes. I think I prefer to avoid it." Akane affirmed, trying to straighten up as comfortably as possible with the seatbelt. "Questions … Anou, I haven’t. Do you have any questions for me? "


He chuckled softly and nodded at her. “That’s right. No one is going to touch my babies. I will protect you guys with my life if it is necessary.” He told her before he glanced at her when she spoke again about his brother. “Well, not really. She knew I had a twin brother but heard that he was presumed dead of course. But I am curious now if she ever did.” He said as he started to turn out of their driveway.

He smiled at that thought. Yuki and their children really did effect him and he became a much gentler and kinder man than he was before this mess but he grew up and matured rather quickly over the many years. Learned things and personal life lessons taught him and molded him into what he was today. 

"I agree and your mother has always been bright. Always making sure everyone is smiling. We have to remember to keep her happy too because keeping everyone happy is a big job for her." He said as he drove into the city where they would need to go shopping for the supplies they needed. The silver haired male glanced again at Akane and laughed softly when she had agreed to not seeing her mother angry. 

"Yeah your mom can be pretty scary I tend to try to avoid it because she can be very moody but, in the end I do try to trace why she is so and fix it and no sweetie I don’t have any questions for you maybe once we get there but at the moment no." He said as he paused in his sentence but another smile writing across those lips. "I have a feeling your mother will love her birthday this year."

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Primordial preparations||| Rp with thecursedsnowhunter - Zero


Zero’s family life was somewhat traumatic at least for Akane. Now she understood perfectly the anger he had for pure-bloods. Made perfect sense and was comprehensible. Akane probably would have reacted the same way if she had in his father’s place. "I now understand your anger.— Gomenasai for what happened to your family. I am sorry not have met your brother. I’m sure he must be exactly as you." Akane commented smiling sweetly. The vampire tried to imagine how would be Zero’s brother, equal, similar, same personality and temperament or softer?


The pure-blood felt her hand being grabbed by Zero’s hand and at hearing his comforting words her smile increased in size upon her face. “It’s great to know that.— You’ll always be my father, no matter what. Because Chichi always been present in my life. Kaname-sama, I don’t know much about him, but I think I can never look at him as a father. I don’t feel angry at him, I respect Kaname-sama.— But Chichi are my dad, unique and genuine.” Akane said, pressing a soft kiss on the visage of Zero. It was a tender kiss, sweet and sentimental. The vampire had no problems in demonstrating her feelings concerning Zero. They were obvious. It was obvious all the love, care and devotion she felt.

"I see, so Okaasan really changed you somehow. It’s wonderful to see your relationship. I’m very happy for the family I’ve. Chichi seems happier now." The vampire told, sitting comfortably on the seat of the car and putting the seat belt as Zero had said. “Anou, this is really necessary? Chichi always drive carefully, I’m feeling tight. “


He shook his head at her. “No need to apologize sweetie. It was a long time ago. I’m over it even though I miss my family…but now I have you, your brother and your mother…my family that I will protect with every bone in my body.” He told her with such determination. There was no way he would let anything or anyone hurt his precious ones.

He then chuckled again and nodded. “A little bit but not as mean as your papa. He had a little bit longer hair but looked identical to me.” He said before he heard her words about Kaname. It made him happy that she felt that way. He truly found happiness for once in his life. He loved his life now and would never trade it away for anything. So, he leaned over and kissed her forehead softly and placed his hand on top of her head softly. “You’re right. I am much much happier now than I was then. It’s thanks to you guys making me even better.” He then paused seeing she questioned him telling her to put on the belt and he smiled at her. 

"Yes ma’am! I know you’re a vampire and all but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to make sure your safe. Also your mother would have my head on a platter if her little cubs were harmed. Your momma is scary when she’s angry." He said as he remembered a few times he witnessed her mad. The silverette then moved his hand down to the shift and changed gears to reverse so he could pull out the driveway. 

"Do you have any questions for me sweetheart? About anything." He mentioned while he continued out of the driveway.

Primordial preparations||| Rp with thecursedsnowhunter - Zero



"I see.— Chichi began to hate her more when she awakened to her true condition.— You were against her being a vampire. I imagine that must have been painful …See the person you loved most become a creature lifeless. Because Chichi knew the pain that would bring to her. Demo, was the fate of Okaasan and that could never be changed." Akane told, trying better understand the entire situation. The parent’s love life was much more complex than she thought.

"When Okaasan awakened as a vampire, was when you saw your only light fade away forever, and as such the rage for Kaname-sama increased. What is somehow understandable.— I’m very happy with the family I’ve. Even Chichi not being my real father, I love you as such. No matter what I’m nor the blood. My dad will always be you." The vampire wanted make clear that the feelings for Zero were never going to change, even if he isn’t her real father. For the pure-blood, the most important was the feelings that bound them.

"Anou, Chichi didn’t feel hatred from me when I was born?— After all I’m the result of another relationship and a pure-blood exactly as Okaasan, and her ancestress family.— Demo, my brother is sometimes unbearable so I think I can make an idea of how you were. I wonder what mother saw you, Chichi." Akane told, smiling. Of course she knew that Zero was much more than flaws.

The vampire looked intently at the photograph that his father had on hand and smiled spontaneously. It was impossible don’t smile when looking at the photograph, for sure, put it on the cake was an excellent idea which Akane wasn’t going to waste in any way. "Kawaii! You, even so, was charming but daunting." She said. "Okaasan appeared happiest when was human. She looks incredibly happy with you, in this photo. I think it will be a brilliant idea place it on the cake, I’m sure many memories will come to surfaces. Fond memories between the two, so could be that we bring a little her humanity back."

Carefully, the vampire sat down inside the car, hoping that Zero did the same. "I think we should put this idea into practice." She said smiling at Zero.

"Well…it wasn’t that my light was taken away I just didn’t like vampires back then. My….my mother and father were killed by a Pureblood…and she turned me and faked my twin brothers death. I ended up losing him too eventually. He had me drink away his life to make me stronger even though I didn’t want to really." He said as he then got in the car and reached over to touch her hand.

"Sweetie. You aremy daughter. I don’t care if you’re not mine by blood but I raised you….and I love you very much. I use to hate your birth father but eventually I let go of those feelings before you were conceived sweetheart.” He said looking at her in the eyes. He wanted her to know that she was loved and always to him in his heart thought of her as his ever since he found out that she was pregnant. 

He then smiled at her and chuckled. “I was a mean ass when I was a kid. Definitely was like your brother. I don’t know what your mother saw in me but ever since we met after my parents died, your grandfather took me in and adopted me, I fell in love with her. I wanted her gentle hands and she always smiled….because she wanted me to smile cause I never did. My smiles were ‘rare’ as she would call it.” He told her as he shut the door to the driver side and then put the key in to start the car. “Seat belts.” He told her as he put on his own and waited for her with a stern but protective stare.

"Why don’t you stop me?! Drinking your blood like this, it’s the only way I can survive! Don’t you understand?! You’re my victim Yuki… so that’s why in return you have every single right to make me suffer… You can make me worry, drag me into danger, whatever you want! Drinking your blood like this… and that’s why, I don’t mind using whatever’s left of my life, if it’s for you, Yuki…"
— Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight)

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"Sometimes I don’t understand you….

The Suffering Hunter || Zero x Kajika


A spark of amusement could be seen in Kajika’s violet hues upon hearing that. ‘Burnt the covers’? How ironic, given the fact that she was able to control fire freely, and by the expression the male was giving her, she couldn’t help the small chuckle that escaped her lips.

“Sure, call her out. I’d love to meet her,” the phoenix hybrid replied, somehow even more eager and curious now to meet Zero’s little fellow. 

Zero lifted his hand up to his mouth and put his thumb and his pointing finger in his mouth to do a loud whistle that could be heard for miles. About ten minutes later you could hear and see a little black and orange puppy with three bones on its back and around its ankles and a skull on its head running towards them with joy.


"There she is come here Mayu!" He called for her as he patted his thigh as she ran up to him and jumped up on him happily till she then saw the woman beside him and she stopped to look at her.


Worried that the woman was here to hurt her master she got real close to Zero and stared at her. Zero petted her head and made a soft ‘shh’ noise and she looked up to him. “Mayu she’s nice don’t worry she won’t hurt me” He told her hoping she’d calm down in which, she did and her little tail began to wag at Kajika.

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